Hypebeast Magazine

Issue 22 The Singularity Issue


HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 22: The Singularity Issue has a cast who are all undeniably unique in their respective industries looking beyond the work which makes them stand out and into the journeys which made them that way.

Hiroshi Fujiwara speaks to Hypebeast about the influences of his youth, without which the current culture of high-end and streetwear collabs, such as his latest project with Moncler - along with humble establishments like Hypebeast - would not be what it is today. We have Blondey McCoy, who takes Hypebeast into his grandparents’ home and talks about the growing pains of an old soul. This year’s LVMH Prize winner Masayuki Ino of doublet tells us about his inter-generational influences and the importance of being everywhere and nowhere for his label. 


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